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While today’s image of kids sees them sitting in front of a computer or game console, the truth is, they still love to run and work off tons of excess energy. With condos being an ever-more affordable housing choice, yards are shrinking. Still, there are many benefits to bringing your kids into a condo, some of which are even better than traditional homes. Learn some tips and tricks for how you and your family can find true harmony in your new Maple Ridge real estate condo.

Trading Yards for Parks

One of the things kids miss when not living in a traditional home is the lack of yard space to run and play. This leads them instead to explore local parks for their recreation time. In turn, this can result in them meeting new people, finding new friends and even discovering new activities and pastimes. Trading yards for parks can be a wildly enriching experience for your kids.

Condos and Maple Ridge Real Estate

Living in a condo carries with it all the benefits of Maple Ridge real estate urban living. Living in the city can be an exciting experience. Most amenities that you need to access will be within walking distance, which not only encourages you to get out and explore, but encourages exercise as well, something kids very much need.

Walking is also relaxing and allows you to take time to get your head out of work and school, and de-stress. Living in the city can also help kids learn to share, as they’ll be sharing space in a bigger way than kids in traditional homes. On a more adult note, you’ll be saving on consumption and energy use by not driving, which lets you feel like you’re doing your part for the environment as well!

City Amenities

Local amenities like recreation facilities, shopping, theatres and museums can be excellent ways to enrich your family not just in an educational sense, but in terms of your relationships as well. Going to the local rec center or park is a great way to spend time together as a family without the kids feeling forced into the activity.

Checking out local arts and culture events can open your kids to a whole new world they never realized was out there. Your child might discover a love of history that leads them to a career in archeology, or a love of Monet that leads them to explore the arts. The possibilities are endless, and condo living opens you up even more to exploring these options.

There’s really nothing like the experience of living in a downtown condo, and the wealth of resources and attractions in Maple Ridge makes it really worthwhile. If you’re looking for an ideal new home for your family and have considered condo living, read a bit more about condos in our community, and give me a call to start your search today!

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